GMT - Giant Magellan Telescope

Location Las Campanas, Chile
Customer GMT Corporation
Primary mirror:

24.5m (7 x 8.4m)

Secondary mirror:

7 x 1.06m

# Actuators:

4704 (7 x 672)

The Giant Magellan Telescope has a segmented Adaptive Secondary Unit based on 7 independent mirrors. Each mirror has 1.05m diameter and 672 actuators.

After a first feasibility study completed in late 2010, ADS (acting as prime contractor) and Microgate have started a Phase B preliminary design of the adaptive unit that has been completed in May 2013.

GMTO granted to Microgate also the study for the edge sensing system that allows maintaining the seven independent segments optically phased during operation, controlling their position with nanometer accuracy. The study, including experimental tests, has been completed in 2015.

In February 2016 the AdOptica consortium between Microgate and ADS International has signed the contract for the GMT ASM Electronics Final Design and Sub-Scale Prototype. The activity will last until late 2018 and represents a first important step towards the GMT ASM construction.



  • 8.4 meters
    Diameter of each mirror
  • 63 meters
    Height of telescope housing
  • 24.5 meters
    Effective diameter of all mirrors
  • 1,500 tons
    Moving weight of telescope